Design, Swiss Made Excellency and Watchmaking

Swiss Kubik, taking care of your watch, keeping it in motion


Gift-idea. This small and very stylish cube, loaded with programmable technology adjustable to any automatic watch, is not just for the collector or connoisseur. It is at ease in all interiors....


Some mechanical watches, the automatic ones, work with the energy produced by the movements of their wearer, thanks to a component called the Rotor or Oscillating winding-mass, which wind the calibre by its comings and goings.


Useful and beautiful, design and function
The Swiss Kubik is useful because it allows automatic watches to be wound when they are not worn. And it happens quite often since a watch owner often has several watches, likes to change them or has just fallen in love, absolute horror, for a connected soulless wristband. However, the watch calibre does not obey either an on or an off. It is the only domestic engine ever developed to keep going. It is as magical as the beating of a heart because its state of motion continues during the human being's sleep.


The Swiss Kubik makes everyone happy. First of all, it is beautiful, tangy, design, blends in and integrates into all interiors. Completely noiseless, it is nevertheless inhabited by an electric motor manufactured in Switzerland. A motor that generates no magnetic charge and has an autonomy of at least three years thanks to a simple battery, when it is not available in a version running on solar energy.


Multiple variations, between universal and personal messages

As the most prestigious brands in the Swiss watch industry know, even a simple automatic watch should not stop. So they recommend Swiss Kubik or borrow its technology to implement it in their own packaging. In essence, and despite the many advances in the quality of oils or materials, the question of caliber lubrication has occupied the creativity and ingenuity of watchmakers for more than 200 years.


Mechanical watches with automatic winding are everywhere. On your wrists, in your own drawers or those of your surroundings, sometimes even in the bank vaults. The Swiss Kubik, beyond its usefulness in terms of the care given to an automatic timepiece, is suitable for all types of interior design. Its sides, totally inspired by the most universal standards of purity, are available for both chameleonic approaches and advanced customizations. And why not one or more personal messages, which is very welcome in these times when the frenzy of presents occupies our agendas.


These perpetual calendars that should never stop

Among the most awesome watch complications, among those that require the most know-how, experience and mastery, perpetual calendars are timepieces that can never afford the luxury of a break.


Indeed, to imagine that a component of the mechanism is only required to move once every 4 years is a challenge and a brain teaser that watchmakers have been working on for several hundred years. Such a mechanism, which indicates the date, makes it possible to go directly, whatever the name of the even month, from'30' to'1st' by 'skipping' directly on'31'. Its internal calculator and micro-mechanical memory also allow, for 3 consecutive years, to switch from'28' to'1st', and only once a year at the end of February. Except that, due to leap years, the watch only shows once every 4 years, on'29' February, then 'jumps' directly to'1st'.


If such a watch stops working, it is recommended to be a watchmaker yourself or an enlightened self-taught enthusiast, to be able to set it back to the exact time, taking into account the days, months and years to be recouped. This kind of complication watches must always be in constant motion and must be provided with a Swiss Kubik or a Scatola del Tempo watch casket, a second signature also dedicated to these watch winders for automatic watches. A more classic signature symbolizing Italian elegance.